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Certainly it is hard to see what good has come by making her claims in such a public fashion.

While she may hope to give other abuse victims confidence in coming forward, the family in-fighting that has ensued has been so savage — and so public — it might just as easily deter others from speaking out.

We currently have a brief account of what happened and we are trying to secure a video interview with her [Karen].

She has not committed to anything yet.’Aside from the abuse, Karen has accused her mother of promiscuity, saying: ‘If she spent more time being a mum instead of having lots of relationships with different men, there’s no doubt I would have been better protected.’Last week, her 58-year-old mother Susan told the Mail that many of her daughter’s memories are ‘a figment of her imagination’; an exercise in ‘attention-seeking’ by a woman enjoying her moment in the limelight.

‘She read out a statement to me, but I couldn’t hear her properly and just agreed to do whatever she wanted.

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He is the little blond boy in a red jumper seated to the right of his sister Karen in the family photograph.

The eighteen year old high school senior fumbled with his key in the door, trying not to wake his parents.

In the foyer he breathed a sigh of relief as he quietly closed the door behind him.

Just to complete the picture of dysfunction, the couple’s eldest child, Stephen, once Simon Danczuk’s campaign manager, no longer speaks to any members of the family.

Last week, a source close to her said that giving such interviews was ‘part of a process of coming to terms with what happened to her’, and that she ‘wanted to send a message to other victims that it is possible to turn your life around despite being abused as a child’.

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