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Ami abar aager rater moton boudir ghorer darja te kan lagiye chupchap danriye thaklam. ” "tumi emon kore bolcho, jeno tumi roj roj……..”"kee bolle rani, lajja peye chup kore gele keno? Ami to ei bolchilam je, tumi kothaye amake roz roz rate chude dao." Boudi mukh theke choda chudir katha sune amar bara ta khara hote laglo.

Bhetor theke dada aar boudir sab katha spasto bhave sona jachilo. "Moly amar kache anek kaj thake aar tar janno ami khoob thoke jayee.

Training theke phire asar pore amar promotion hoye jabe aar takhon eto kaj thakbe na. Takhon tumi roj rate amar theke nijer guud chodabe to? Roz rate tomar barar janno ami tarpate thaki, bhalo kore ghum hoye na.” "Moly, tumi jano je emon lok noyee.

You may also find girl girl videos where two or more girls lick and squeeze each other's big natural boobs.

”Boudi bodh hoye amar chalaki ta bujhte pere giyechilo tai amake tercha chokhedekhe bollo,"dhat bodmash, sub janish tobuo jigesh korchis? Kali pujor someye boudi ke nijer baper bari jabar chilo.

Dada amake bollo,“Partho, tyi tor boudir songe amar shasur bari chole ja ami ekhon office thekechuti pachhee na.” Railway station bhison bhir chilo.

Aare tomar janno chinta korbo na to aar kar jannochinta korbo? ”"boudi sattee bolte ki amar tomakeee beshi bhalo lage.”"ja bhag, bodmash chele. Ami tatae andaz korlam je bodh hoye dada boudi mase teen ki charchode.

”"mitheye katha, jadi amar chinta chilo to tumi shoute keno gele? Tomar dada je chenchamechee korchilo.”Ami bhalo manusher moto jigesh korlam, “boudi dada keno chenchamechee korchilo? Ami anek somey bhabtam je, jadi boudir moton shundor amar bou hoto totake roz ratre take nengto kore kam kore char bar kore chudtam.

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