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This cost falls largely on would-be grooms, who are expected to pay for the family home, most of its furnishings and the bride’s wedding jewellery, known as and property, is now 40,000 LE (£3,400).

This is a lot to spend in a country where 14 per cent live on less than a a day, and a quarter of young people are unemployed.

He drew up a list of household goods Amr must purchase for a minimum price of 35,000 LE (£3,000).

Four days before their legal marriage, Marwa’s father and Amr shouted at each other for around seven hours over the purchase of two large diamond rings.

This makes Egypt the second worse place for harassment, after Afghanistan.

They met through mutual friends, and grew close through Facebook messenger.

In June, Amr returned to Cairo to meet Marwa’s father.

“If it was anyone other than my husband, I don’t think they would accept the way my father treated him and argued with him, and the expensive things he asked for.

But my husband agreed, just because he loves me,” Marwa told me when we met for coffee in the upmarket Cairo district of Zamalek.

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