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The morning after the announcement, Ripa was absent from “Live.” “Kelly sees this as the ultimate betrayal,” a source told Page Six at the time.

Another source confirmed that Ripa was having a “total meltdown” after being blindsided by the news.

Almost immediately, pictures of Strahan were taken down and replaced with solo shots of Ripa.

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“They thought he was over it, and here he is rehashing it. Vanity Fair released their list of people who fell from grace in 2016 and Ben Sherwood, the president of Disney/ABC television group, got a special shout-out for how he handled Strahan’s exit from the show and the fact that Ripa was blindsided by the news. Cohen, a longtime friend of Ripa, wrote in his new book that his remarks during the “Live” scandal hurt Strahan’s feelings.In the days following the announcement, more and more information about Ripa and Strahan’s off-screen relationship was revealed.“They could not stand each other, and whenever they communicated off-camera, it was always through their reps,” an insider told us of the pair, who seemed to have the perfect on-air chemistry.In the beginning of July, it was revealed that part of Strahan’s deal at “GMA” forced him to drop any endorsements.ABC News staffers are forbidden from endorsement deals, which meant he was no longer able to promote things like Subway, Pizza Hut, Metamucil or anything else he’d done in the past.

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