Who has diane kruger dating

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Of course, we’re ending the year in a miasma of grief and depression because of Donald Trump, the worst celebrity story of all time.After Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and the Brangelina split, it would be easy to forget that some of us were rather devastated by Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger’s split over the summer.They’ve been seen together in various cities, and an event last night might have been their official “coming out” as a couple. Like, she dumped Joshua FOR Norman after they had an affair. Last night in Paris, Norman Reedus opened up his photo exhibition at Galerie Hors Champs. Granted, she has an apartment in Paris and she’s always lived part of the year in France.

By August, barely one month after breaking up, Jackson and Kruger were spotted kissing and making up — but in the end, he couldn't let go of the past.Unfortunately, single life in 2016 looks nothing like single life in 2006, the actor has revealed.“Things have changed a little bit since the last time I was single,” Jackson told Ellen De Generes on her show this week. "Jackson and Kruger began dating ten years ago and shared homes in several cities across the world - including Paris and Vancouver.The couple has spoken only generally about their split, although Kruger has posted several quotes on Instagram which commentators have related to the split, including one that read: "A relationship without trust is like having a phone with no service. Diane and Joshua had been together a decade and they almost always seemed solid.I still think that Joshua seems like he doesn’t know what to do with himself now that he’s single. Many of us believed it was because of her closeness and possible affair with Norman Reedus.

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