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In addition, Telephony Integration is provided by the the Wireless Telephony Application, or WTA component.This allows a developer to easily integrate a telephone call in any WAP application. Make Call to call a number from the application rather than exit the application and enter the telephone number Optimisation of WAP languages WML is Wireless Markup Language.Thousands of software application developers have been behind WAP and have created the applications and services for WAP.This commitment to WAP is clearly shown by the many thousands of WAP sites available in the word today.As 3G (WCDMA, UMTS)launched WAP will also evolve for these future networks.Network operators are behind WAP and their support is clearly demonstrated by the deployment of WAP world-wide.


The usage of mobile phones is widespread and more extensive than personal computers or laptops.The WAP language supports these features of Positioning and Personalisation.A WAP language component supports User Profiles which contains information on the user preferences and the device capabilities.Before we get going, let’s clear up a potential point of confusion: although used interchangeably at times, wireless bridges and wireless access points are the same thing. The main benefit of powerline networking is ease of setup.Home devices are sometimes called bridges because they support network bridging, but this is technically incorrect. Very little networking knowledge is required to use these adapters.

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