Updating edgar access codes

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You only need to do this the first time the page runs; thereafter, the values in the list are preserved in the control's view state. To get a category record, you will execute a SQL statement that uses a Where clause to find only the category whose ID the user selected.

To add code to populate the drop-down list ' Visual Basic Private Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As System. After ' that, the list is already in the drop-down list and is ' preserved in view state. Thank you Public Sub Update Price List() Dim cn As ADODB. Recordset Dim s Product As String, s Variety As String, c Price As Variant ' connect to the Access database Set cn = New ADODB. Your help will be very much appreciated, I am stucked here and do not see how to get out. Activate ' row 1 contains column headings Do While Not Is Empty(Active Cell) s Product = Active Cell. Print "Existing record found..." End If rs("price"). Close Set cn = Nothing End Sub After writing this out I just realized that you are using VBA so my answer won't work.

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