Updating adobe in design

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Is there a way that I can tell In Design to thoroughly update all links, regardless of whether the file stamp says a file has changed or not? Not very elegant, but could you physically move the folder containing the linked elements, open the ID file so it recognizes that everything is missing -- and then relink imports to the new location?From what I understand, you are saying that your files aren't updating after you make changes to them in Illustrator.

The links work like you suppose its just that they can not work without the just expect indesign to serve the fike chain for you but it can not.

They are linked but the servers dont operate how you think they do.

Installing the Plug-in Go to the download page for the Blurb Plug-in for Adobe In Design.

I'm working on an In Design document that makes extensive use of linked Illustrator graphics.

Many of these Illustrator graphics themselves make use of placed png images.

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