Turning love into money in chinese online dating sector

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That's right, an unmarried Chinese person can pay a "fake" boyfriend or girlfriend to travel home with them for the holidays.The following two expressions perfectly illustrate the stresses facing single Chinese people.Traditional attitudes of parents and relatives often view an unmarried person in their 30s as an embarrassment at best, and a disaster at worst.

And with the cloak of anonymity the net provides, it’s never been easier to be unfaithful.‘The internet has opened up this sense of “Where do I stop? ‘In previous generations, people met a partner and accepted they wouldn’t be perfect in every aspect, but internet dating is like a chocolate box that never stops giving.These events can range from a low-key street corner gathering (where parents clutch their children’s credentials and negotiate fervently), to large-scale Expo-style fairs with tens of thousands of attendees.My local marriage market in People’s Park, Shanghai is a great example of the former.Tweet this picture: The basic checklist to find Mr. Given these stringent requirements, it’s not surprising that looking for love brings more stress than joy in China today.So, now you know some of the vocabulary to comfort your "single dog" and "leftover" Chinese friends!

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