Truth or dare dating

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You talk with her and after a while you suggest to play a game. You can’t imagine how much women love to play games.

The following REAL scene of a private video tape that is definitely NOT the intro of a shady porn movie and that is totally child-friendly is proof enough: By asking her a very explicit question right from the start you directly set the frame that this is not an innocent game. The sooner you start to get sexual, the sooner she will drop one piece of clothing after another.

I am sorry to say this but the pure interest that a girl has in getting to know you is not enough for successfully introducing the X-rated version of this popular game.

Even if she might think that you are a cool guy and even if she is eager to get to know you, she must be sexually attracted to you if you want her to take her clothes off after the third dare. A girl who thinks that you are cute and interesting is by far not enough.

In this case you should ask yourself whether her sexy ass is really worth the mental stress that you’ll inevitably experience if you decide to take things further with her.

Even though every normal woman who likes to have fun and who is open to games is the perfect candidate for the game you want to play, there are some that have to be fulfilled if you want to get laid by playing sexual truth or dares.

If she, however, loves to play a naughty game with you, you will have a lot of fun after a few dares.

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The only problem is that it is completely unnatural and also slightly awkward if you’ve just talked about the relationship to her dead grandfather and you suddenly scream: After such a conversation she is definitely not in the mood to get naked, let alone to play a game.

However, don’t forget the risks that this method brings along.

Even though you will get laid faster, chances that she is not ready to become sexual this early and that it is too extreme for her are higher.

Be ready to get laid on the first date by playing a fun and simple game.

What is sexual truth or dare and how do you play this game? I have never played this game when I was a teenager and today I have sex with amazing women who are way hotter than the girls who would have probably chosen truth instead of dare back then, just to .

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