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In Algeria, most people claim themselves as Berber rather than Arabs and discourage hijab to eliminate Arabic culture and propose more Berberic culture.After the collapse of Ottoman Empire, Kemal Attaturk the founder of Turkey Republic banned hijab and disallow women with hijab from attending school.In Europe society such as Ancient Greek, it is used as garment wore by women from prominent families to show their status, and in Middle East including Israelis, it is woman's daily wear to protect them from the sun heat.Today, many muslim women wear hijab to show their style and preference of modesty and religious belief rather than just a traditional garment.Even now some scholars believe that the one and only reason why many Muslims especially in Central Asia and Middle East hate the west is that people in the west are premarital sexual tolerance.They believe Muslims are sexually repressed society.

The history of hijab itself is not unique belongs to muslim societies, in fact it is almost in every culture even in Europe and pre-Islamic Middle Easterners.For those who's never get used to see them before, they may look so frightening and threatening.In Afghanistan esspecially during Taliban regime, women also cover their face with burq, with nothing even eyes to show to the outside world.Bedouin people in Kuwait, a nomadic Arab tribes reside most in Arabian peninsula, is known for their beautiful colorful dress and garment, tapestried by their own hands which they use to sell these beautiful garments to nearby cities.In Egypt, many women in cities wear simple and practical headscarf with beautiful colors and patterns along with ordinary casual dress.

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