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And this is before we add those mobile phones that have inbuilt FM radios and TV tuners.The print publishing industry was a bit slower to come onboard the mobile revolution but they have recently been fully converted. Sweden became the first country to start deliberations on the government level of the ending of cash money - to be replaced by digital money, primarily for consumers the main mechanism to be .. Visa said last year that the future of payments is.. Kenya is currently the global leader, 40% of the Kenyan GDP - yes of the total Kenyan economy - already transits mobile phones as payments.The bestselling camera brand globally today is Samsung. However, in mobile for the most part, the revolution was actually seen and expected even.In the past decade many industries did foresee the mobile revolution.And that is not necessarily the same solution then for airplanes or trains or shipping or commercial trucking or busses or motorcycles etc. Not such a 'futuristic' tech, mobile is reality today.So yes, biofuels (and 3D printing and nanotech and robotics etc) will be very interesting tech areas for this decade and perhaps even more so, into the next decade. We'll have more mobile phone accounts in use than total human population on the planet, in now less than 12 months from today (we are already past 6.2 Billion mobile subscriptions for a planet of 7 Billion people, now at the end of May of 2012).Grooming: The Modern Dog Boston is happy to offer grooming to our clients.Our groomer Cayley, grooms Tuesday-Saturday by appointment only, with over 1,000 grooms completed at our location!

Ralph didn't talk about mobile and music yesterday. LET ME MAKE YOU AN OFFER YOU CAN' T REFUSE Ralph and I have a shared interest in learning about past technology revolutions, and he mentioned several of my favorites among quotes of tech history (that readers of my books will also be familiar with) such as Western Union not believing in the utility of the telephone, or Digital Equipment Corporation (once one of the biggest computer makers) who didn't believe there would be any use for personal computers in the home.But biofuels are not necessarily the specific way that all currently gasoline and diesel powered piston engines will be replaced before fossil fuels run out. But remember those quotes of technologies 'not' relevant to their industry leaders?Like telephony for Western Union or home PCs for then-computer giant DEC?Whether its Daniel Craig today or Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan or Roger Moore in reruns on cable TV, we want to hear 007 say the line. It is not surprising that Western Union didn't see voice telephone calls as a viable business, when they were in the telegraph morse-code signalling business.Or that mainframe multi-billion-dollar enterprise giant computer maker DEC didn't see the tiny desktop PC being of any interest to the housewife who might some day want to go on Facebook or You Tube or Skype.

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