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Vince then says that the two of them are going to fight right there in his office and the winner will get to defend Juvi’s title against Liger tonight.

Psychosis pearl harbors La Parka for the honor of jobbing to Liger.

She doesn’t want anything to do with him, but relents when he tells her he brought champagne.

Headline: Lucky Luger’s Total Package Gets Flexed Tonight? Psychosis in a match for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title ( ** ).

Finally, Goldberg hits the ring to chase Jarrett off.--Tony hypes the main event World Title match between Bret Hart and Lex Luger. Bobby: “If anyone can do it, Piper can do it.”--In the back, the Mamalukes and Tony Marinara are looking for Disco Inferno and Lash Le Roux.

Bobby brings up their match at Halloween Havoc where Luger beat Hart by submission. Elsewhere, Curt Hennig is trying to get the former Virgil hired.

The Powers hires him on the spot because “at least your thinking.” At least that explains how Vince Russo got his job.--Tough Talking Wrestlers! --Tony sends up to a video from last week where Finley attacked Brian Knobbs and de-mulleted him.

He then challenges Goldberg to a match later tonight. but not very hard.--Elsewhere, Tony is tied up and Luger is covered in alcohol. Oklahoma comes down in amateur wrestling gear and a microphone so that he can still call the match. --The Mamalukes are playing Poker with the Nitro Girls and the chicks are cheating. --Back from commercials, Gene asks the Outsiders about their opponents tonight, Benoit and Sting.

Gene is with Vampiro and Jerry Only to talk about their tag team match tonight with Steve Williams and Oklahoma. I’m telling you, if it weren’t for Oklahoma this feud would’ve been solid stuff. Vito is surprised that he loses with a pair of deuces. Elsewhere, Tony Marinara is getting a tar and feather job from Disco and Lash. Scott Hall says he’s got Chris Benoit in a ladder match at Starrcade; however, maybe he won’t make it to Starrcade if Nash is in his way.--Match #4: Lex Luger vs.

Jarrett takes the microphone from Gene and says he’s still the Chosen One and he doesn’t need ANYONE to help him.

Jarrett says he doesn’t need the Powers That Be of the Outsiders.

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