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Stefani can't stop talking about how thrilled she was to see their poster outside Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard. “I just can't believe it's been six years.” Any concerns that No Doubt won't fit into the hard-rock lineup disappear as soon as the band is announced and the audience erupts for the hometown heroes. “It's just such a magical year,” Stefani says.

There's only one thing she's more excited about right now, and that's spending time with Rossdale. Moving onto the stage, Stefani rolls her torso like a belly dancer with a spinal problem; Kanal, with spiked blond hair, skanks around like a cockroach; drummer Adrian Young, shirt off and mohawk up, slaps his own ass; and Dumont, he just looks uncomfortable. “It's sad, because I know we're going to have a crash landing at some point, because we're just riding so high. The physical part of it is hard, the traveling part is hard, being away from people you love is getting harder and harder.” Later, backstage, Rossdale arrives in No Doubt's dressing room, slumping around in a hat pulled anonymously over his eyebrows.

Now married (to a woman who used to work in the band's touring production office) and with a child on the way, he's mellowing out.

He just wants to drive some golf balls and be with his wife, though he still can't seem to avoid singing, “Hey, we want some pussy,” during any lull in the conversation. “I bought it at a No Doubt show.” Young is the band's newest member, having joined in 1999; before that he was the band's biggest fan.

Sort of like At the Drive-In when they opened this concert last year? “But not as cool.” No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal, Stefani's ex-boyfriend, looks at the band's career like the original are the operative words for No Doubt this time around. “Not that we didn't know each other already.” She pauses again.

I mean, have you seen me when I wake up in the morning?

tefani was raised in a Catholic family, which is what she blames for her worst faults — namely, that she is too judgmental and not open enough.

An evening with Stefani: When No Doubt walk the red carpet at the ,” who obliges them by opening her fur jacket and sticking out her chest, which is covered by just a bikini top. He was born to hippie parents, though his mother left when he was young.

The exhibitionist of the band, Young is a madman with a conscience.

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