Scott caan dating lauren german

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He picks up team members on the way, Danny Williams, the head detective on his father's case, Chin Ho Kelly, a former HPD Detective who was fired for accused corruption and Mc Garrett's father's old patrol partner, Kono Kalakaua, a Cadet at the Police Academy who's 1 week from graduating, and Captain Lou Grover, a former Chicago PD Head of SWAT.The title of the original series, Hawaii Five-O (1968), and that of the updated series, Hawaii Five-0 (2010), are pronounced the same: "Hawaii Five-Oh". The former uses the capital letter "O" as a pronunciation spelling for the number zero. See more » The HPD police cruisers used throughout the series are the civilian-spec Chevrolet Impala sedans (2006 - 2013 including the 2014-16 Impala Limited) seen with the HPD livery.For example, Caan has been asked to shoot a CBS promo out on the terrace of a Waikiki hotel between takes — and he doesn't even "Be here.Aloha," he mutters three times, with nary a smile and a serious I-don't-give-a-crap attitude."There's not a dishonest bone in his body." True, ask Caan a question and you'll get an honest answer — like how he feels about being part of the newest jewel on CBS' lucrative crown of procedural dramas."If I'd been presented with just a straight procedural, I would have said, 'No, thank you,'" he says.

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"We really bounce off each other, and as we get closer, we can just shoot each other a look, which adds a lot to our relationship on screen." While O'Loughlin has been slowly emerging as a TV fan favorite for the past few seasons, Caan has remained pretty much under the radar since the late '90s as a dependable supporting player in film (the that's making this recognizable tough guy a bankable name, which is why CBS believes viewers will tune in if Caan tells them to "Be here" — even if he personally finds the spots moronic."The procedural stuff is not the most fun to do, so to get through it, Alex and I have to bust each other's b---s and try to find ways to do the scene.The character stuff is what I want to do." Fortunately for Caan, upcoming character-driven episodes will showcase the actor's as-yet-unseen emotional side."I don't know how to be a cornball, and this is a cornball thing," says Caan after wrapping the promos."I will never, ever settle into something that I think is fake." "Scott's very real and wears his heart on his sleeve," explains the show's executive producer, Peter Lenkov.

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