School girl rape vedita pakistan dating accountants verklaring

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Why doesn't Maryam Nawaz takes up these cases personally and see to the end that these animals are hanged in public but then where is the dough in all of this.Pity these poor girls, their families, when will we get rid of this heinous crime.

Then you claim to be noble and worthy of God's blessings. Such incidents occur on daily basis in the so called civilized world.

Also, as against popular beliefs, most children do not fall victim to strangers but to someone who is close like a friend, family member, neighbor, etc. we are so hypocrite that we burn minorities on false balesphemy allegations.

BTW, this also goes to show that over covering of women does not stop their rape, as is commonly believed in Muslim societies. On the other hand, we let these barabaric animals roam around freely, i wonder if this was done to the daughter of the elite class and how they would feel about it?

Second, why are patients not treated at the hospital they are first brought to...

who is responsible for deaths caused by the delay in treatment.

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