Schlitz amber bottle dating

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Low iron means more control over the ultimate color (Hunter 1950; Tooley 1953).

Glass which is composed of pure silica (99.9% ) would be colorless glass.

William Painter’s invention of the single-use “crown cap” in 1892 sealed the deal for mass-produced beer bottles.

At the time, many would-be brewers made their products out of their homes and used their bottles for multiple beverages, so some of these embossed bottles never even included the word “beer” on them (the brewer's company and city names were all a customer needed to know).Lime (calcium oxide) is added to the batch as a stabilizer since simple glass made from just sand and soda ("water glass") is water soluble making it of little use when formed into a bottle (Tooley 1953; Kendrick 1968; Jones & Sullivan 1989).Broken glass (aka "cullet") on hand from misblown, broken or returned bottles was also often added (Toulouse 1969).The crown cap also led to more uniform, machine-made bottles.Previously, the majority of beer bottles were made with a “blob top,” a rounded lobe at the opening.

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