Pirate dating sim

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But even working with a group full of randos can be chaotic fun, as long as you're not too serious about getting things done in a hurry.

Fortunately, Sea of Thieves will use the new Xbox LFG feature to help folks find groups that complement their own playstyle, so hopefully your hardcore privateering party won't be torpedoed by a subset that would rather sit below deck and drink grog.

The best solution will be to get a crew full of your friends on board all coordinating via voice chat.Once you're out on the high seas, you'll regularly encounter other ships full of other players.The matchmaking all happens behind the scenes, just like running into other players in Destiny, and how you react to your newfound naval neighbor is up to you.Whether you want to redecorate the interior and dazzle your guests or fit a reinforced hull and improved cannons to become the scourge of the seas, you'll be able to do it all - assuming you've got the treasure to pay for it.And don't worry too much about (literal) sunk costs, as you'll always be able to retrieve your boat from Davy Jones' Locker for a small price.

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