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"The Great Spirit who moves through all things meant for the Neville Brothers to do this," says the percussionist from his home in New Orleans."It was a blessing to be involved because it helped answer questions I've been wondering about all my life." The film is healing, Mr."If they grow up in a black neighborhood, they likely adapt to a black culture.

This in-depth documentary examines the coalescence of these two groups in American history.While Native Americans did not carry the racial hang-ups of white society and did not see mixed-raced Indians as being second-class, white society and 19th century government bureaucrats had no concept of multiculturalism and demanded that everyone be pigeonholed into one racial group, with any questions of identity decided by appearance.Thus, it was not uncommon for black Indian families to find themselves separated by government classifications into completely different racial groups based solely on their color and appearance.Une vidéo très embarrassante d’Anthony est postée en ligne juste avant sa réunion d’anciens camarades de classe.Accompagné par Ian, son complice de SMOSH, il va alors tout tenter pour supprimer la vidéo, et ne pas ruiner ses chances avec Anna, son amour de jeunesse.

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