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If your lover asks you why you’re whispering, just make an excuse or tell them you don’t want to be overheard.As soon as you start whispering, in all probability, your partner too will start emulating your voice and they’d start whispering too *even if they don’t realize it!MPS is a powerful new development allowing you to register as a website owner and instantly create a Pay-Per-Minute phone site FREE!

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If you’ve got the time, cancel call waiting before you call your lover up.Talking over the phone late at night will make the conversation feel a lot sexier and naughtier naturally.To start off, just lower your voice almost to a whisper and continue talking.Or just speak late in the night when you aren’t expecting any calls.If a friends calls you several times during your conversation with your lover, it can definitely kill the mood. Lock the door, and isolate yourself from the world. Focus all your attention on the words you’re hearing. Music may seem sexy and very appropriate at first, but it’ll be an annoying distraction in no time when you have a hard time hearing what you’re lover says. This is very important, never ever speak loudly if you want to initiate phone sex.

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