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Lone Gunman - Helping to identify some bugs, helped to identify the Look At Wrapper error some had been getting.

I had no clue about the Look At Wrapper error (I never myself have had it).

This is best viewed WITHOUT wordwrap Introduction by Psyrixx: This is by no means my own project. Basically using the navmeshes by the authors listed above, I was able to get the 32 player versions (except Kubra Dam, clivewil did the 16, 32, and 64 player versions of it) to work (still needs AI work though). If you are using a linux or windows dedicated server, bot settings are in

In browsing the various forums on the internet, I happened to stumble upon a map pack that xstax981 had created to play the BF2 maps in single player with up to 64 bots. So then, I posted a tutorial on how to do this (it wasn't very hard). If you are just hosting a LAN game using a windows non-dedicated server, the bot settings are in your Create Local Server menu.

Natürlich vorausgesetzt ihr habt das großzügige Geschenk seitens der BF Entwickler schon auf eure Festplatte installiert. Wer die Mods gleich ausprobieren möchte, folgt dazu einfach den Anweisungen der Installationsroutine.

Diese liegen komplett in deutscher Sprache vor und sind selbsterklärend.

Wichtig ist dabei vor allem ein Punkt: In den Verzeichnissen der Mod findet sich die Datei botchanger.bat, mit der Zahl und Stärke der Bots geändert werden können.

In my quest to put some words here to describe the site, it's history and mission I turned to one of our oldest members who was with our founder Gen Disarray from the very start, Master Chief Rul Z.

He worked with Gen Disarray as a fellow moderator back at PBF.

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