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Management continues to lower evaluations for staff members who voice concerns about safety matters, the insider said.Brahm, the source claims, is “actively giving bonuses” to some of the same managers who continue to use retaliatory measures to silence staff members who bring issues to light.One of the top requests was for 12-hour shifts which have been introduced,” Gowan said.Staffing for the health care complex’s Community Living Centers, or nursing homes, requires a mix of RNs, LPNs and NAs for round-the-clock coverage, according to the VA spokesman.

“There wasn’t enough solid evidence to say, ‘He really is going to kill someone.’ That wasn’t strong enough for me to say, ‘I’m calling the press,'” she told the publication.“In the most-current All Employee Survey, the score for “Workgroup Psychological Safety” rose almost 5%.The score for “Best Place to Work” rose almost 10%.” Since beginning as acting director in October 2015, Brahm has had an “open door” policy for all staff members, according to Gowan.The source asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation.“We have many veterans who lash out at the pharmacy and pharmacist and technicians who see the dispensing practices as insane,” the source added.

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