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A couple applying for a Marriage Licence will need to take the following steps. You'll need to present this document to the person who is going to perform your marriage before the ceremony takes place. What information and documentation is required from us when applying for a Marriage Licence in New Brunswick? Please note that only individuals who are eligible to register as a Civil Officiant, a registered cleric or an appointed Clerk/Deputy Clerk of the Court of Queens Bench may solemnize marriage in New Brunswick. A Marriage Licence confirms that an engaged couple is legally entitled to wed. Does New Brunswick law require my partner and I to have a blood test before we get married? Where can we get a copy of our marriage certificate after we are married? This ceremony may be performed anywhere in New Brunswick, as long as the person performing the marriage is authorized to do so. In the province of New Brunswick, every couple must obtain a Marriage Licence before getting married.Please note that specific offices may require additional documentation to make these changes, and that you are responsible for contacting such offices to determine what additional documents (e.g. After the marriage ceremony, you will be given the Form 10 “Statement of Marriage.” You may also require or wish to own a registered copy of your Certificate of Marriage.a birth, marriage, death or divorce certificate) must be presented in order for the change to be processed. If this is the case, a certificate may be applied for: 1. Can we acquire our Marriage Licence in New Brunswick, but get married in another province, territory or country? Do we need to register our marriage in New Brunswick if we were married elsewhere? Please note a religious annulment is not an acceptable document when applying for a Marriage Licence.

It is the responsibility of the couple to ensure proper documents are obtained prior to applying for a Marriage Licence.

At all service centres located throughout the province. Online at ca/vs/ Complete application details may be obtained by visiting ca/vs/ or by telephoning 1-888-762-8600 toll-free within North America, or 1-506-684-7901 outside North America.

Clerks of the Court of Queen’s Bench Bathurst Court of Queen’s Bench Court House, 254 St.

Please note that not all applicants may be authorized to solemnize a marriage in New Brunswick. How old do we have to be to get married in New Brunswick? If you are 16 or 17 years old and have never married, your parents or guardians must sign an affidavit of consent. According to the ¹ or half-sister, or sister by adoption ² or half-brother, or brother by adoption Top 16.

In order to marry without the consent of your parents or guardians, both you and your partner must have been previously married, or be at least 18 years of age. No person under the age of 16 years may be married in Canada. What name do I sign on the Marriage Registration Form and Statement of Marriage after the ceremony? After you have been married, you and/or your spouse may choose to assume a marital surname.

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