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It’s easy for critics to attack Kaepernick and other athletes who do it on their own, because of mob mentality, but similar to how veteran support quelled some critiques, an entire team protesting could shut down some cowardly critics.In addition to being more intimidating, the potential Seahawks protest would show that this is not an isolated or scattered belief.And they don't just encounter these struggles alone - they endure them together. The offense was explosive despite missing many playmakers, the defense tightened up, and Russell Wilson again proved why he's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.After the loss, Pete Carroll expanded on the team's early struggles: "We look at this game as a microcosm of the season.With the support from the team’s coach it seems fairly likely that these rumors are true.The rumors originated from Seattle’s starting linebacker, Bobby Wagner, who said “anything we want to do, it’s not going to be individual.

Reloading for another run, another chance, and another opportunity to prove the doubters wrong. Furthermore, the team finds themselves in a significantly more focused state heading towards the season. The immense psychological hurdles the Seahawks faced going into 2015 are mostly gone.Not everyone expected the Seahawks to win, but everyone expected them to be competitive. However, no one had any clue about the level of adversity the Seahawks would encounter in the 2015 season, and after looking like one of the hottest teams in the second half of the season, Seattle faltered badly in Carolina early on. The offensive line held up, Wilson threw dimes, receivers made toe-tapping catches, the defense was stiff, and Cam Newton was melting under the pressure.Everything that could've gone wrong in the Seahawks' Divisional Round matchup with the Panthers was going wrong though, and it all began on the very first play. Throughout the first half of the year, Seattle suffered heartbreaking losses, saw horrific injuries, went through controversies, accusations. These players watched one of their best friends in Ricardo Lockette almost die on the football field. One of the most powerful qualities that this brotherhood (and team) possesses is the ability to turn circumstances around when everything appears lost. Their ability to rally around each other, diagnose problem issues, and push each other to succeed is fairly unique in pro sports, as evidenced by their no-blowout streak going back years. Despite the adversity faced in the first half of the season, and the first half of that game, the Seahawks eventually found their identity in both.There are no nerve-wracking and divisive Russell Wilson negotiations, Marshawn Lynch doesn’t want a contract modification, Kam Chancellor won’t be holding out, and there’s no Super Bowl interception hanging over their heads and permeating the building. For the first time in two years, Seattle heads into the season under the radar, relatively.Also important is the fact that this is Russell Wilson’s offense now, and that represents a major shift over the last couple of years.

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