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Voisuna hel hmang le tuolthattua ngai kha a zingah zalenna suolsuoktu, hnampa a hung ni thei bok.Chu ngirhmun tar langna, Robert Browning hla phuok, College kan kai laia kan inchuk ‘The Patriot’ châng tawpna tlar hmasa tak “Thus I entered and thus I go!

Mahse khawiah pawh awmin enganga mi hlawhtling niin kan ram leh hnam hi ngai loin inhre mah ila kan thisen zunzamah Zothisen a luang tlat si avangin tunge kan nih hi i theihnghilh lo ang u. Tlangval rilru pui ber chu chhun hnathawhnaa nula nena inlawm a, zan mut hma zawnga nula rim hi a ni ber mai.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.Ka duh hrim vang poh ni lovin ka thian pa’n min sawm nasat em avangin vawikhat na na na chu ka tia ka kal ve a, mahse a top thleng lovin hre chiang vek tho si in ka lo haw ang ka tia ka rilruin ka tawngtai reng boka.Tlangvalte chuan in chhung khawsak lam an ngaihtuah ngai lova; an nu leh farnute chu buai em em mah se, an pui ngai lo.Tukthuan ei kham velah an lawmnute nen kawtchhuahah an innghak a; nulaten an thawmhnaw an phurhsak a, nilengin hlim takin an va feh a; hawn a lo hun a, nula chuan a lawmpa thawmhnaw an phurhsak a, in thleng an kal tlang thin.

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