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A metal tray, slightly larger than a sheet of paper, was filled with a freshly poured layer of gelatin the night before.

The master, with its typed characters of purple aniline dye, was then laid against the gelatin for a brief time.

Jerry Anderson was the son of Don and Hazel Anderson.

His father was the Vice President of Twin Harbor Lumber Company.

The publisher and editor initially delivered the papers, but as subscribers increased they hired Kenny Warming to do the deliveries. When he moved to Minnesota in Jan 1954, Joe Jurick, another classmate, who lived on Henderson Street (his father was a shop teacher at Eureka High) became delivery boy.

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It used a two-part master sheet, created on a typewriter, to duplicate each page.

She was not wearing her seat belt, and no alcohol was involved in the crash, according to the report.

The J Street Post was a neighborhood newspaper published for seventeen months, with nearly sixty issues, from February 1, 1953 to June 13, 1954. It cost a tidy sum of three cents per issue, with mailed issues costing ten cents.

At the end of its run, there were about 80 subscribers. Jerry took on the duties of editor and Bill became the publisher or co-editor.

The enterprising young editors of the J Street Post were best friends Jerome (Jerry) T. As Bill's younger brother by four years, I was age six when the Post first began and could not really contribute, but was later employed as an alternate delivery boy.

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