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:| once me and my boyfriend were going at it, and his older brother walked in the room, and just stood there really awkwardly. but it is so hard to face his brother now haha so im a girl. so me and this girl ive known for a long time started going at it (mind you i have a boyfriend at the time) and she was eating me out and like i was really enjoying myself. needless to say it was awkward explaining that one to my boyfriend. sorry sweetie, maybe you’ll have to go somewhere else to get off on the fact that everyone else is having sex and doing worthwhile things with their lives while you sit at home running a shitty blog 24/7.

when she wanted me to go down on her it smelt really bad so i told her i was really tired and needed to go to sleep.

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I orgasmed more times that night than I do in a normal year.Since then I met up with the couple a few times and let them both have their way.My boyfriend of two years came over, ate dinner, drank wine and acted a little nervous.We were not using a condom, so he cummed on my stomach and breasts, after that we took a shower together and we had sex again. One time my bf and I were getting ready to have sex but he didn't have any condoms so he went and quickly grabbed one of his best friends, well to our surprise his best friend is very well endowed and used magnum xl's. So it was quite embarrasing for him when I went to put the condom on.My best friend and I (both girls) sometimes take showers together when she sleeps over.

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    MORE: Le Bron closes out Suns with huge fourth quarter | It was friends catching up with friends, but when both are decorated Olympians it can be more than that.

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    We’re Not Alone by Peeping Tom and Dub Trio is another one that just barely got cut off.

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