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He was responsible for the large scale production and purification of the DNA reference bank of vectors used by the laboratory personnel, screened for transgene expression prior to lentiviral vector production, and q PCR, Northern and Western blot, and flow cytometry to analyze functional outcomes. This project includes the use of GFP and flow cytometry to evaluate the optimal number of transcription factor binding site repeats, as well as cloning of various genes of interest into the optimized vector.

The NFAT vector will ultimately allow regulated expression of a certain gene and can be controlled through the expression of a linked chimeric antigen receptor. Jensen's lab to the Therapeutic Cell Production Core GMP manufacturing facility in SCRI, where he was able to directly transfer his lab work to producing patient specific immunotherapy treatments.

Ph D, Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology, University of Washington Key factors thought to contribute to the detrimental side-effects associated with adoptive CAR-T cell immunotherapy include: overly robust tumor cell killing activity of CAR-T cells immediately after infusion, and also sustained CAR-T cell killing activity following elimination of tumor cells.

To date, clinical trials using adoptive CAR-T cell immunotherapy have only used T cells that constitutively express the CAR, or are always in the “ON” state. BA, Philosophy and Associate of Applied Science, Regis University James had over 17 years of laboratory experience both at the bench and in managing lab operations during his time with the Jensen Lab.

Today Lisa says she's cordial with Keisha and that as long as Keisha continues to treat her son nicely (which she gives Keisha props for doing), then everything will stay cordial.

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Lisa spoke about not only her shock, but where she stands with Keisha and Ed now and we thought what she said was pretty interesting…

BS, Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology, University of Washington Brittany’s work included overseeing quality control checks of reagents and equipment, maintaining GLP standards, composing and editing standard operating procedures, compounding reagents for cell culturing and assisting with large cell expansion and cryopreservation projects.

In addition, Brittany coordinated projects with volunteers so they learn how the lab functions while getting valuable hands on experience with molecular lab techniques and cell cultures.

After helping to start the Jensen Lab in 2010, James returned to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 2013, where he manages research sample collection, storage, and distribution in Uganda.

BS, Biochemistry, Seattle University Sean has extensive experience in molecular biology as it relates to the synthesis of complex c DNA, subcloning DNA fragments into multiple plasmid vectors, restriction enzyme analysis, and sequence verification. BS, Biomedical Engineering, University of Washington The primary research project Dennis is working on is to optimize the NFAT transcription factor for use in the ep HIV7 vector backbone commonly used in the lab.

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