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“Looking for a partner in crime,” “Are you my other half? in neuroscience yet wouldn’t even get an associate’s degree in “Writing an Online Dating Profile 101.” Many of our clients were successful, personable people (from grad students to physicists) who would make great girlfriends and boyfriends—once they had a dating profile that made them sound unique, one that couldn’t be cut and pasted into someone else’s.” and, my favorite, “I like candlelit dinners, sunsets and walks on the beach” (yes, people still say that! If you look at ten random profiles right now, I bet you’ll find the same thing—everyone’s “funny” and “laid-back” and “adventurous.” I used to have a standard, generic profile, too, with a list of adjectives and facts: fun, outgoing, great speller (looking back, not sure how that applied), and insert-a-bunch-of-other-adjectives here. First, I would spend 30-60 minutes talking to the client.This book tells you why you should come up with something else and how to provide fun, creative and unique date ideas really help boost your points in the eyes of women.And if you’ve been together for years, taking your partner out on dates will help re-spark some life back into your relationship.Most of us online date—but many of us don’t know how to market ourselves.

Then, have a few trusted opposite-sex friends read your finished product and get their feedback.But it is finding creative date ideas is the hard part! Yes, there are 300 ideas in this book, but you may not want to use all of them!So does does "300 Creative Dates" deliver on its promise as having creative, unique and fun dates? While many of the ideas are very creative, others are only a good reminder of places that everyone knows about but they either forgot or never even considered that they’re such ideal places for a date. Another idea is to provide 'dating coupons' to print out to give to your partner to redeem at a later date.Or post your profile online and see what people respond to, then amend it from there.In no time, all your sentences of stories will mesh together to tell your future partner how they’ll benefit from dating you versus just learning about common interests you may have.

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