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The character, created by Jack Kirby, first appeared in The Eternals #4 (October 1976).Within the context of the stories, Gammenon is the Celestial tasked with collecting samples of all life forms present on a planet during a Celestial Host and is present during at least the First He then turns these over to Jemiah the Analyzer. Ganymede is the last surviving member of a race of warrior women known as the Spinsterhood, a group which was formed with the sole purpose of destroying the cosmic being known as Tyrant.Gargantus was also the name of a giant blue aquatic humanoid monster that appeared in Strange Tales #80 and #85.

Ganymede, however, has been absent from any comic tales for about 10 years.

In these dreams Gargantus was with all of Iron Man's other enemies in a great battle against Iron Man.

He had a more human appearance by then, and was capable of speech.

In order to hide their presence, the aliens decided to disguise the robot as a giant Neanderthal man.

Fortunately, Iron Man was in the vicinity and discerned that Gargantus was a robot (it had light bulbs in its eyes, which gave it away).

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