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I say possibly because some of the proposed changed will revert your configuration settings and you don't want that. The original tool is called etc-update, another more user friendly tool is dispatch-conf.I'm an etc-update user because dispatch-conf wasn't aroung in 2002 when I met Gentoo.I am a new gentoo user, just completed my first test install, running in virtualbox as guest.Anyway, after installing the base system as per handbook, I decided to try and install server which required me to put "x11-base/xorg-server udev" in /etc/portage/As you are new to this process, look at all of the proposed changes before you decide if you will accept them or not.There are a few rules of thumb to help you, once you have has some practice.:) When the installed packages are upgraded as explained in the Gentoo Handbook, then the system will be exactly the same as one that has been installed using the new release.

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The content of this file is the name of the profile that should be "upgraded to"; Portage uses this information to automatically warn administrators when they should update to a new profile.I'm sorry for the newbie question, otherwise a great distro, very engrossing and quite entertaining, perfect as something to play with while I'm at work! Once upon a time, x11-base/xorg-server could be built to use either hal or udev and you needed to choose one.Since that time hal has been removed and x11-base/xorg-server will always use udev.I checked the man pages, online documentation and searched for anything on the forums and googled the warning, but I can't seem to find an explanation why it complains, for me there seems to be nothing wrong with the file and its contents. Anyway, the file contains just that single line ("x11-base/xorg-server udev") that I needed to install X.Portage also notes at the end of each operation that 36 other files in /etc need updating. I'm guessing these files aren't very important since they aren't covered by the handbook.

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