Drew barrymore justin long dating since

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Following an initial public outing together last August, the two became practically attached at the hip, at least in the public eye, with paparazzi following them on their evening excursions, local L. Apart from confirming the split, Barrymore's rep had no other comments. - Anna Dimond Related News: " Roller-movie Cast Is Whipped into Place " What's Drew Barrymore's Top-Secret Oprah Announcement?

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Long's big-screen credits include Accepted and Dodgeball, and he's also the "Mac guy" in Apple's TV commercials.Everyone in the house had to sign a release saying they won't mention anything to anyone or whatever. Pretty crazy..[quote] I ask because he hit on my teenage niece, knowing she was a high school student. Also reminds me of some John Mayer stories, and Long and Mayer coincidentally share a hometown, which I share with them. I get a totally straight vibe off of him, but if he decided to go gay or bi, I'd definitely do him. He's always been geek-sexy but never a looker in the face. As long as he doesn't get stuck in the groove of making Julia Roberts style wedding comedies, he should do fine. The play is slated to run with Fleming starring on Broadway this spring. Honestly, no one really ever talked about him much.

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