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A correct answer would earn money and maintain control of the round; an incorrect response would give the other team control and, if a Dare/Double Dare was in play, the money as well.

Along the way and when on a Double Dare, the team in control can opt to take a Physical Challenge.

" As the teams raced to complete a toss-up challenge, the announcer would quickly explain the challenge, then introduce the show.

Only when one team completed it would the announcer then introduce Marc Summers.

Sometimes this included reducing the time limit (turning a 30-second challenge into a 20 or 25-second one), adding an extra item to the stunt (catching 5 pies instead of 4), or increasing the overall difficulty of the stunt (blindfolding the players).

If the team did not successfully complete the challenge, the money, the bonus prize, and control of the game went to their opponents.

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The show returned to Philadelphia in 1988; by then, Viacom syndicated the show to independent stations & affiliates of the young Fox network.Physical challenges were stunts, usually messy, that a team had to perform in a specified time, usually 20 or 30 seconds, although occasionally 10 or 15 seconds.All physical challenges on Double Dare 2000 were 30 seconds in length, unless a time reduction was in play.One team member would start at the first obstacle and upon completion, pass its flag to his partner, who would then move on to the second obstacle.The team would continue to alternate like this until they completed the course or until time ran out, whichever came first. During the Fox run of Family Double Dare, ,000 in cash (plus 0 each episode until won) was awarded at obstacle #7 in place of a prize, and the eighth flag won the grand prize.

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