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If you already have half a dozen kids, it might be a comedy, and it could possibly even be romantic, but it wouldn’t be a rom-com in the usual sense.

It wouldn’t have been a heart transplant in a Crosby film, but it’s easy to imagine a similar “grace note” (so to speak) in a 1940s melodrama.

When a heart becomes available, Grace asks her grandfather’s prayers before surgery, and during the operation spends time in the hospital’s Catholic chapel along with Megan.

In the chapel, Marty and Megan light candles and pray. Michael the Archangel, admitting, “My wife never thought much of you, but you were always my favorite saint, because you’re a battler, you’re a fighter. Fight for us.” Hunt cuts back and forth between the chapel and the operating room, suggesting the power of prayer at work in the surgeons’ efforts.

Hairy legs are your link to reality.” Then there’s the scene in which Grace is visiting Megan and Joe, and Joe confides to his wife, “I invited Rudy over. And, indeed, Rudy (Darryl Warren) shows up at the door — wearing his Roman collar.

“I’m not used to being without it yet, Joe,” he says apologetically.

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