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In their work, Buss and Schmitt found that men who were older, displayed more ambition, and had greater financial prospects were always preferred over the alternatives. Features labeled as “classically male” (i.e., square jaw, strong cheekbones, and large eyebrows) are an indication of high levels of testosterone and healthy genes.

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Sojourner has partnered with the University of Wisconsin, School of Information Studies, to create a tool to educate and engage clients and donors.

Available in both English and Spanish, the App contains the following resources:1.

No one should dispute the notion that women prefer partners who have more resources and men tend to advertise it when looking for a partner.

Research can back me up, too: a study on messaging in newspaper personal ads (ah, life before the Internet) showed that men tend to advertise the amount of resources they have (or can get) by talking about how much money they make or listing a high-profile career.

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