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They are characterized by pyramids and prisms and are mainly composed of subtypes L5, S5, S10 and rarely P1, P2, S2, S3, S4, S7, G1 typical for hybrid calc-alkaline granites.ABSTRACT: In the Variscan Western Tatra granites hybridization phenomena such as mixing and mingling can be observed at the contact of mafic precursors of dioritic composition and more felsic granitic host rocks.The A-type Çamsari quartz-syenite mainly has K- and V-zircon types and typological evolution trends compatible with those of alkaline granitoids.The zircons from the Hisarkaya porphyritic granite, on the other hand, show typological characteristics similar to I- to A-type granitoids.Am making this mask for my mom, for their masquerade themed Christmas party.

The zircon population from the porphyritic granite is characterized by the predominance of the pyramidal and prism forms and mainly composed of the subtypes S1, S2, S6 and S7 typical for peraluminous granites of crustal origin.Metamictization, radial cracks and partial overgrowths are prevalent in these zircons.Zircons from the leucocratic granitoids have well-developed magmatic oscillatory zonation and pre-magmatic zircon cores.Cathodoluminescence imaging of internal structures of zircons from the A-type Çamsari quartz-syenite shows extensive metamictization.Moreover, in the zircons from the I-type Terlemez and Baranadag quartz-monzonites, multiple low-luminescent corrosion zones are enriched in U, Th, and Y, and interpreted to result from magma mingling/mixing processes.

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