Dating women with inflating balloon fetishes

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To a lesser degree, some balloon fetishists are excited by watching women blowing bubbles with bubble gum.Balloon fetishism seemingly exploded in popularity with the proliferation of the internet, not because fetishists discovered the interest, but because they found that they weren't alone.The popper is primarily excited by the bursting of a balloon, both by the anticipation and the sensory experience of the explosion itself.The method by which the balloon is popped, however, can vary dramatically.There are several known female balloon fetishists, however the vast majority is made up of men.The life cycle of a balloon has four phases: inflation (blowing it up by some means), admiration (looking at it), interaction (touching, moving, watching), and destruction (deflation, popping, releasing).Each looner is unique and therefore may have many other related fetishes or none at all.The only commonality among the vocal community of balloon fetishes in this reguard is that balloon fetishism is the focal point and all other fetishes simply enhance their primary interest.

Despite balloons generally being used for children's play or decoration, balloon fetishism is not related to pedophilia.

A popular sub-group of non-poppers includes persons who enjoy stuffing, an act in which baggy clothing is worn and balloons are blown up inside the clothing as a way to maximize the tactile sensation of contact with the object in addition to the sense of being overcome by the object.

The only clear area of similarity in the practices of both these groups is the general preference to involve a sexual partner into their preferred activity, either as an observer or as an active participant.

Balloon fetishists tend to be very specific about exactly which shapes, colors, and brands of ballons they enjoy.

Many are so specific in their preferences that only specific qualities of a balloon are capable of exciting them.

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