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‘The Seven Year Itch,’ a comedy by George Axelrod, opens on Feb. ‘Life Could Be A Dream,’ a 50’s 60’s jukebox musical by Rodger Bean, sounds like it will be a dream when it opens on March 31. Mc Murray’s all-time favorite comedies, ‘The Cemetery Club’, opens on May 19.

‘My Way: A Musical Tribute to Sinatra’ with more than fifty Sinatra songs, will take to this stage opening on July 7.

Americans generally dated and mated within their hometowns, and in big cities they often married someone who lived within a few blocks.

This session explores the transformation of modern romance over the past century, paying particular attention to recent changes related to the Internet, globalization, the rising status of women, the acceptance of non-conventional sexual relationships, and the search for a soul mate.

Married life seems to have more attitude than gratitude these days and some of us feel that we had a better experience dating our mate than marrying them.

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Berlin, CT - Connecticut Cabaret Theatre is one of the first east coast venues to present ‘Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage,’ a comedy by Ken Davenport and Sara Saltzberg.The panelists, who come from inside and outside the academy, will assess how singles manage the expanded options available to them today, and examine emerging attitudes about and experiences in committed relationships and marriages.This book examines the American system of dating, mate choice, and marriage.When Miss Abigail’s theme song began to play, the relationship expert (played by Julie Lemos) took to the stage to share her “vast knowledge of every piece of relationship literature known to mankind.” There is an (outdated) book for every topic that comes up and the strapping young Paco is ready to provide whatever help Miss Abigail might need.Audience members were called to the stage to perform as “flirting athletes” (the ones chosen on opening night were hilarious and no, there was not the “bend and snap”) and there was a lively game show of “Love, Lust, or Stalking” with two other volunteers.

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