Combined tala updating with imsi attach

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If the MS has changed Location area (LA) while it was powered off, then the IMSI attach procedure will lead to a Location update.

When the MS is switched on, it searches for a mobile network to connect to.

In a GSM network, when a Mobile Station (MS) is switched ON, the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) attach procedure is executed.

This procedure is required for the Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and Visitor Location Register (VLR) to register the MS in the network.

If no record is found, the VLR communicates with the subscriber's Home Location Register (HLR) and obtains a copy of the subscription information.

The obtained information is stored in the database of the VLR. Steps for IMSI attach procedure are as follows: IMSI detach is the process of detaching a MS from the mobile network to which it was connected.

If the radio link quality is poor when IMSI detach occurs, the VLR may not properly receive the IMSI-detach request.The cancel location procedure can also be initiated with MML commands, with those, for example, that are used for changing the area, or deleting the MS from the HLR.Changing any of the parameters causes the test set to perform a BCCH update procedure if the call status is idle and BCCH Update Page is set to (if the test set is on a connection with a UE, the test set will post an error if you try to change any of these parameters).If your UE does not support the BCCH Update procedure, set this field to This parameter specifies whether the PS domain information is present in SIB 1 or not.If it is absent, the UE will not attempt to initiate any packet switched services, like GPRS Attach or PDP Context Activation, with the test set.

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