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dnenk rukiakate cuma mw ngucapin tiga kata "mohon bantuan semuanya" ,menyambut tahun 2012, edit profile 161211Hoho, adakah yang sudah mengenal saia, jika belum perkenalkan nama saia 'Nenk Rukia Kate'. Ichigo refuses to marry Rukia Kuchiki and will scream it at the top of his lungs. Rukia, Orihime, Hinamori, Tatsuki, and Matsumoto.... Now the Hogwarts 10 Year Reunion is coming up, and Hermione will face Harry for the first since they kissed on graduation day. salam kenal semuanya, yey akhirnya berhasil juga setelah sekian lama ngefans ma cerita-ceritanya.. Harry left the on graduation day to fight Voldemort.

Four boys, two girls, and a lot of love follows this crazy family through big bugs, crushes, school, and so much more. —It's been 10 years since the trio has graduated from Hogwarts.Apalagi untuk kalian yang bersedia memberikan saran, kritik serta dukungannya melalui ataupun PM, nenk haturkan banyak Terima kasih, Arigatou, Thank u verry much. If you believe that Ichigo and Rukia are meant for each other, paste this in your profile. A simple correspondence between a 21 year old Harry from 2001 and a 15 year old Hermione from 1994 was all it took to alter that friendship into something more... It's got a little bit to do with destiny and fate, and what is written in the stars. Tapi dengan paksaan sedikit, Ichigo mungkin bisa menjadikan Rukia sebagai Ibu dari anak-anaknya kelak. Masih ada 2 kloningan Ayah yang berisik disini." / Hiro- "Kenapa harus ada seseorang mirip aku yang bertingkah manja seperti ini? Tapi ada satu hal yang selama ini dirahasiakan sang suami darinya. Saat itu, aku pikir, seperti inilah aku ingin menghabiskan sisa waktuku bersamanya. These are extended scenes from certain episodes in the anime where they either strongly hint at or begin their relationship. ]Everyone is aware of what's going on between Ichigo and Rukia. And frankly, that seems stupid considering the fact that EVERYONE already knows. Chapter 12 edited 12/08/2015Kuchiki Rukia: bangsawan, check. It also gives us the chance to get drunk while pretending to look at flowers... /Regardless how many times I get reborn - I wish to fall in love with you over and over again throughout time and space/Ichi Ruki/M for last Chapter/Time Travel Story. James Potter would never forget the first time he met Hermione Granger. Taichi,the Digidestined and Sora's new roomy are trying to play matchmaker. Hey, don't blame me that I can't write a summary, just read and find out how good it is. And Spesial Thanks buat yang sudah membuat fave buat cerita nenk, sungguh merupakan penghargaan tersindiri untuk Author payah ini, nenk sangat senang jika kalian juga senang dengan cerita-certa nenk, Arigatou , And untuk para cerita nenk, sekali lagi nenk ucapkan Terima Kasih banyak, nenk gak tahu bagaimana caranya untuk mengungkapkan rasa terima kasih nenk pada kalian, karena tidak bisa nenk sampaikan lewat PM. Ichigo n' Rukia Tinggi x Pendek Orange x Violet Sun x Moon Black x White Panas x Dingin Summer x Winter Segela perbedaan mereka justru membuat mereka saling melengkapi satu sama lain - itu menurut nenk. If you believe that Black Sun is meant for White Moon, paste this in your profile. Their fates brought them together in a loveless marriage. Rukia masih di bawah umur dan Ichigo sudah sangat dewasa. " / Ren- "Temanku mengatakan keturunan Uchiha tidak seharusnya pendek." / Bagaimanakah kisah keluarga Uchiha satu ini yang sangat Uchiha sekali? Dan inilah, 26 adegan tentang aku dan suamiku, Kurosaki Ichigo. A collection of how all the other character's found out about the thing between Ichigo and Rukia before the two did. A Shiroe XAkatsuki fic about cherry blossoms, realisations, "kimono-torture" and a love that can blossom between even the most awkward of people. Harry dan Hermione diserang oleh Voldemort dan Pelahap Maut di tenda dalam Perburuan Horcrux. Going threw the A's to Z's of a relationship is not easy, and twenty-six different stories pretty much sums up everything that could happen..more. Nor would he forget just how much he owed her for all she had done for him, his family, his world, and his future. R&R.ch11 is up Terjebak dalam ruangan kecil bersama seseorang yang tidak kau ketahui sebelumnya, bagaimanakah rasanya? Kate - gara" perawakan mungil itu, nenk dipanggil 'kate' ma sobat" nenk, awalnya syh kesel juga tapi pas prince William Nenk geregetan banget kalo lagi nonton or baca komik and isinya gak sesuai dengan harapan yang nenk mau, jadi bikin otak nenk berimajinasi sendiri tentang apa, bagaimana, dan seharusnya agar adegan itu seperti yang nenk mau.. " in a very defensive manner, and failed to notice the implication of said words. Cinta juga yang membuat Ichigo mengejar Rukia hingga ke Soul Society. cinta pula yang membuat seseorang dari masa lalu ingin merebut Rukia dari kehidupannya di Karakura & Soul Society. Pertengkaran di malam natal, yang berlanjut dengan permainan piano Bach dari Nodame... Tadinya ia cukup takut akan bertemu lagi dengan Hotaru Nodame. [7: Until We Meet Again] He carved his name first, and then she took the knife, carving hers just beneath his.a -pasti gak ngerti maksud nenk ya- hahha pokoknya gtu deyh... Seharusnya aku tidak menyimpan perasaan ini, tapi aku tidak bisa mencegahnya. /OOC di Kekeliruan mungkin akan memakan korban.../ Lebih dari cukup; Hubungan kakak, guru, teman. At least he had managed to get Sento slightly flustered. Some short stories of Rukia and Ichigo, including swimsuits, chocolate, people in bunny costumes and a baby? All that fun stuff XD haha There's implied *ahem* Lemon but I'm gonna keep it T so yay! It's been four years since Harry and Hermione have left England. What happened when the campers threw Percy and Annabeth in the lake together? Bagaimana kisahnya saat Nodame mendapat kalung hati dari Chiaki? Saat sampai di apartemennya, Nodame malah menyambut ia dengan senyuman! Then he wrapped a heart gently around the both of them, a promise that they'd meet again.[Ichi Ruki] A drabble and oneshot collection compiled of Ichigo and Rukia's experiences with real world items.

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