Bginfo not updating boot time

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BGInfo offers a variety of potential information sources, including environment variables, registry values, file version information—even the contents of a text file.

BGInfo's default behavior, which Figure 3 shows, is to display output at the lower right of the local monitor, but you can override these behaviors.

To define a new field as a VBScript file, choose the option and enter the path to the script in the Path box (or click Browse to navigate to and select the script).

BGInfo will execute the script, using the output of any invocations of the Echo command that you place in the script to replace the field value.

I shut down my computer and started it again after 15 minutes but it was again showing the last boot time (15 minutes ago). Reset all time-related settings to default and reboot.

I think, something is broken when the laptop shut down due to overheat, as it's not taking into account of the time when it's turned-off. If it doesn't work it's probably the CMOS battery, although that's a bit odd.

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