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Six-year-old Jimmy Spagnolo is celebrating the end of a long year of chemotherapy. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at four-months-old. Turner said the near-tragedy at the water park was just another example of her son doing the right thing."He recognized something was wrong and he did what was right," she said.For more heartwarming stories like this, LIKE Humankind on Facebook!Sify says "Molly Aunty Rocks is a gripping and engaging tale of a woman, who is well aware about what she wants from life. Molly Aunty, without doubt rocks, and so does her director who has crafted this knockout of a film! India Glitz calls it 'A Very Special Molly Aunty' and rates it 7/10.In the review it says, "This Molly Aunty Rocks can be a definite prescription for family viewers.

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Likely, she would've been right, if not for her young nephew, Mason. He reached down, and he pulled her head above water.

When both of them clash, sparks fly and egos would not relent. The film released on 14 September 2012 got a positive reception. Veeyen on Now rates it 3/5 and says "Ranjith Sankar's 'Molly Aunty Rocks' bristles with splendid ideas and perspectives on the world in which we live in.

Sify rated the film as very good and praised Revathy for her performance. Change, and the dire need for it, as in the director's previous films, is the necessitated issue at hand, and filled with exceptional performances from the leading cast, marvelous wit and loads of positivism, 'MAR' is one of the warmest movies to have hit the screens this year.

The freak accident happened May 25 on the family's vacation in the resort town.

Farr had just gone down the slide, and his aunt was next.

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