Are rob pattinson and kristen stewart dating

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"I didn't talk about my first relationships that went public because I wanted things that are mine to be mine.I hated it that details of my life were being turned into a commodity and peddled around the world.

co-star—earning them the nickname "Robsten"—taught her a lesson in what happens when her personal and professional identities merged. "It's not that I want to hide who I am or hide anything I'm doing in my life. But at the same time, I want so badly to expose myself," the 26-year-old actress says.And Kristen makes a point to emphasize that her going public with her relationships today has nothing to do with a moment of "Now I’ve realized who I am!" but rather a realization of an opportunity to let fans and critics alike possibly see themselves and their lives reflected back through her and her own relationships.A winner at the box office last weekend (1.3 million), no doubt the film has enough legs to last through the holiday season.That said, there are a few things to be grateful for as the film series (finally) wraps up.

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