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Daniel Radcliffe: At first, everything was so amazing and cool: "I'm a wizard, I can do magic." But gradually, he learns there are shades of gray.He's becoming aware that there are bad people in the wizard world that aren't Voldemort, in a less obvious, more insidious way, like [Minister of Magic] Cornelius Fudge and [Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Delores] Umbridge.[He laughs.] I would love for him to do film seven. David is just so willing, in his quiet way, to push you further. I've been with Harry for seven years, and he has as good of a grasp on Harry as me, which is incredibly amazing. MTV: So I take it you're looking forward to starting to shoot "Half-Blood Prince" in September with him. There's such an incredible range of things that happen in "Prince," and that last 100 pages, the cave chapter onwards, it's just epic.For me, personally, working with him has been a landmark time in my life in terms of my acting. I'm going to have a field day with some of those things.And Sirius — Harry's his last link to James Potter just as Sirius is his only link to his dad. I just meant in terms of the more complicated emotions that take place here!I often wonder, if Harry hadn't been related to James, would Sirius actually give Harry the time of day? Radcliffe: The kiss, a lot of people want to know about the kiss, which is understandable. Harry is this iconic figure of sorts of his generation, and people want to know how that's gone.

There's a picture of Cedric on the wall, on the mirror, when I kiss her. MTV: I didn't realize people were making it the focal point.

He's thinking, "I should have been the one to die." So yeah, he's got something extra that he's suffering with, and he hasn't been talked to by his friends all summer.

He feels abandoned after finding out Voldemort's back. MTV: You prepared for this by talking to a bereavement counselor. We talked a lot about survivor's guilt, which is very real and very common, especially in car crashes, particularly if someone was driving and someone else died.

Seven could be the most magically powerful number in the "Harry Potter" series.

Think about it: There are seven books, seven Horcruxes (possibly), and now, for Daniel Radcliffe, seven years of playing the Boy Who Lived.

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