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But be sure to keep watching because he does showcase some pretty sweet moves toward the end of the season Q: Do you watch MMA? " And the look on their face is far more priceless than even the Lion Zord. A: I don't watch too much anime but I am a huge fan of Afro Samurai and all of the Dragon Ball series. But I pride myself on having a very diverse playlist. Also i didn't realize it until after I got the part but I had been driving in a Red Ford Ranger truck for 2 years before that! I love BBQs at her house Q: What is the funniest thing that you've done on Power Rangers?A: I DO watch MMA and I'd have to go with The California Kid - Uriah Faber. I take that as a good omen Q: Do you have real katanas? A: The funniest thing I've done while working on Power Rangers...Maybe an appearance on the Walking Dead or Game of Thrones??? A: I took my first theater class in high school and before that I actually wanted to become an architect.

All nice and crisp in their boxes so I can share them with my children some day Q: Are you a Twilight or Harry Potter fan? Although I am excited to see The Hunger Games since I actually auditioned for the role of Gale, but Liam Hemsworth should be awesome. It wasn't even so much playing Jayden because once we started filming the rest of the world kind of goes blurry and I'm strictly in ranger world.

A: I would LOVE to make a cameo in the future seasons of rangers!!

Even having a role like Deker would be sooooo awesome In 10 years i really have no idea of what I'll be doing but hopefully I'll have some amazing sic-fi movies in the world!

A: Yes I have been collecting weapons for a while now. A: That is definitely another passion of mine (I think I like eating more than Mike does! In one of the origin episodes I come in to everyone looking at the gap sensor map and say,"Samurai we have a battle to fight." and then run out.

I have a few real swords including two replica katanas from Kill Bill as well as a cutlass based on Jack Sparrow's sword in the first Pirates of the Caribbean. A: I got along pretty famously with everyone but I'd have to say that Erika and I are the most alike. and in the first take there was a power cord behind me that I didn't see so as I turned to run out I slipped on it and fell right on my face...

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