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For example, the double of a is b, the double of b is c, the double of ab is bc, the double of acfg is bdgh, etc...

Similarly, multiplying by a power of two, is just translating its digits.

This is easy because it is multiplying by a power of 2.In other words, an abbreviated numeral is odd if it contains an a and even if it does not.With these basic operations (doubling and halving), we can adapt all the binary algorithms starting by, but not limited to, the Bisection method and Dichotomic search.Napier's system uses sign-value notation to represent numbers; it uses successive letters from the English alphabet to represent successive powers of two: a = 2 = 16 and so on.To represent a given number as a location numeral, that number is expressed as a sum of powers of two and then each power of two is replaced by its corresponding digit (letter).

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