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When taking measurements at the earth's surface, the reading is the result of two signals, one coming from above and one from below.

But subsequently taking measurements below ground makes it possible to come up with exact readings by separating the two. Wolfgang Ludwig from Germany is known as the absolute authority or as "the father" of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy. Wolfgang Ludwig has significantly contributed to the development in the field of complementary medicine in Germany. Ludwig's name is well known amongst alternative therapists in Europe and North America. Wolfgang Ludwig invented a method with his mother in mind, suffering frequently of "Föhn "symptoms.

The event was organized by Marie Steele, Manager of Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy at NV Energy, with support from the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy and the Southern Nevada Regional Transportation Commission.

The location of the EV presentation was at the Mobility Training Center of the RTC in Las Vegas and featured electric buses from Proterra, NAVYA, Green Power Bus, and Adomani, as well as electric cars from Nissan, Tesla, and BMW.

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Here he recognized that the magnetic field of the earth fluctuated too. Robert Becker in his book 'Electricity and Vitality': 'The spark of Life'. Ludwig came up with an excellent idea to take accurate measurements.

He became aware of the fact that due to manmade electromagnetic signals within the atmosphere, the accurate measurement of Schumann waves was almost impossible in the city.

For this reason he decided to take measurements out at sea where, due to good electrical conductivity, the Schumann waves are stronger.

The unbelievable occurred; as soon as his mother applied the magnetic pulser to her solar plexus or in the nape of the neck, the symptoms disappeared instantly.

Many experiments and tests followed to achieve the perfect magnetic pulser. Wolfgang Ludwig worked also with NASA to install a magnetic pulser (or Schumann generator) on a manned spacecraft. Wolfgang Ludwig helped to develop the Bio Medici magnetic pulser with it's over 100 different frequencies including the important Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz.

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