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It seems unusual to think of Never Have I Ever as an easily-adaptable game by text, but it’s essentially just a question-and-answer game.If you’ve never played before, each player starts by holding up five fingers.You’ll also find a big list of dirty questions here.My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site.Since these games can be a little more difficult for fashion-oblivious men (i.e.: all men), make sure to give him a few hints.For example, “I wore it on our first date” or “It’s the same color as my eyes.” For tips on what to wear, make sure to check out this guide on how to dress sexy.This not only keeps your relationship exciting, but can also ensure better sexual compatibility the next time you see each other.

Speaking of sex positions…you’ll find over 100 right here, with professional pictures demonstrating each position.The person who has all five fingers down first loses.If you want to keep up the mysterious aspect of the game over text, a good way to play is by one person proposing “Never have I ever done xyz…” and the other writing back “Five fingers” or whatever number they have in response to the question.If you’re both into music, you can put each other’s skills to the test by playing Guess the Lyric games by text.This would be best for new relationships where you’re still feeling out each other’s tastes and interests.

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