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The Internet — like food or drugs in other addictions — provides the “high” and addicts become dependent on this cyberspace high to feel normal.

They substitute unhealthy relationships for healthy ones.

Gender influences the types of applications and underlying reasons for Internet addiction.

Men tend to seek out dominance and sexual fantasy online, while women seek out close friendships, romantic partners, and prefer anonymous communication in which to hide their appearance.

Australia developed the first inpatient adolescent treatment program. France uses early education in schools and in the U.

To assess your disorder, consider an evaluation with Dr. Internet addiction can be understood by comparing it to other types of addictions.

Young or take the IAT, the first validated measure of Internet addiction. Individuals addicted to alcohol or other drugs, for example, develop a relationship with their “chemical(s) of choice” — a relationship that takes precedence over any and all other aspects of their lives. In Internet addiction, a parallel situation exists.

If your Internet use pattern interferes with your life in any way shape or form, (e.g.

does it impact your work, family life, relationships, school, etc.) you may have a problem.

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