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On the island of Great Britain, Scotland sits to the north of England and Wales is to the west.Northern Ireland (also part of the UK) and the Republic of Ireland lie across the Irish Sea to west of England (and Wales).Almost everyone will treat you well if you are polite and make an effort to fit in.Smile, be polite, don't be pushy if you can help it: that's how to get on with the English.The English are well used to foreign visitors and you can expect them to be friendly and polite.

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Heavy, prolonged, snow is rare and temperatures are rarely below freezing for more than a few days.Don't confuse "England" with the the larger "Britain" or "United Kingdom"; see the United Kingdom article for details.England has been stereotyped as being cold, grey and rainy since the ancient Romans wrote home, but this is not an entirely accurate picture.Hot spells of weather can occur from May to September where temperatures may reach 30°C in the warmest areas of England, typically London and parts of the South East.Central Europe has very hot summers and very cold winters, but England is both less extreme (surrounded by water) and milder in the winter (influenced by the warmth of the North Atlantic Drift).

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